PowerPoint Slide Clean Up and Makeovers

Got a set of PowerPoint slides that you need cleaned up, or improved?

We specialize in upgrading existing slides. With our PowerPoint design services you’ll find a particular talent for giving dull slides visual interest. We’ve been in the business of making slides look great since 1999 (read more about us here).

We offer two levels of service: Basic Clean-Up and Makeover.

Basic Clean Up

This service includes making bullet and text-heavy slides more readable. This level includes our Iconic PowerPoint treatment, if desired. Light, basic visuals may be added. This service can include alterations to the PowerPoint template (theme), and light rebranding work. Choose this level when you only need a polish to freshen up your slides.

picture of a powerpoint slide converted from bullets to icon and then to visuals


This is the service our clients call “magic.” Makeover is a deeper level of cleanup work. The slide is reconceived and rebuilt. New art and photos are used for a more robust visual impact.

picture of a powerpoint slide that has been improved visually

Can I Mix and Match?

Yes! Just let us know which slides in your deck need Clean-up and which need Makeover magic. Call 206-437-4991 or email for an estimate. Discounts given for larger volumes of work.

picture of ways to improve a powerpoint slide design to make it more visual