Investor Presentations Need A PowerPoint Pro

For over 15 years we have helped clients raise millions of dollars in funding for their ventures and organizations.

You take your venture seriously, and so will we. Our approach is from the ground up – going beyond cosmetic improvements and developing your presentation and slides strategically, aligning every element with your objectives. We know that, in today’s world, that’s what it takes to succeed in investor pitches, and we are ready to provide that for you.

Below: 2014 BioLife Solutions Presentation designed by Presentation Tree

How We Work With You
The process begins with listening deeply and carefully studying any existing documents and slides. We are fast, and our experience allows us to quickly grasp the fundamentals and key takeaways.

We have a three-step process:

  1. Structure your story to strategically accomplish your objectives
  2. Write guidelines for the verbal part of your pitch
  3. Design clear and compelling slides

Our investor relations clients include: Starbucks, Bechtel Corporation, Verdant, Expedia, and BioLife Solutions, Inc.

“This deck is outstanding!! Great content – great graphics – clear, concise and compelling. You keep raising the bar”
(Daphne Taylor, CFO, BioLife Solutions., Inc.)

Below: 2015 BioLife Solutions Presentation designed by Presentation Tree