investor powerpoint start strongby Paul C. Tumey

Your investor presentation doesn’t have to be dull. You can win investor’s attention and interest from the first slide. One way is to begin with a credible visual presentation of the problem your venture solves. Here’s some ideas.

Winning Investor Presentations Dramatize the Data

Obviously, you may have to show some charts and tables in your investor presentation, but everyone knows to avoid starting with this mind-numbing material. However, if you can tease out one or two compelling pieces of data, you can build a stunning visual opener.

For example, imagine a business that sells cosmetically imperfect — but otherwise fine — fruit and vegetable rejects. An investor presentation for this venture might open with some data about food waste to suggest there is a golden opportunity in this problem.

The graphics for the slide should be:

  • Bold
  • Simple
  • Designed to dramatize the data

In this case, since we are talking about food waste and landfills, the graphic depicts a landfill. Make your investor presentation graphics illustrate your point.

PowerPoint investor presentation dramatize the data photo


Large images have greater impact

Note we are using a single large image for greatest impact. Avoid making a slide that looks like this:

PowerPoint investor presentation dramatize the data photo 2

(Above) A common, ineffective use of visual graphics in a PowerPoint slide. Small images have little impact.

Photo vs. Graphic

A photo showing acres of garbage is certainly dramatic,  but the visceral negative reaction to seeing rotting food is too distracting. Also, the image creates a possible negative association (your business = garbage!).

On top of all that, only part of the garbage shown in landfill photos is actually food waste (about 27%, on average). So, the photo was not an accurate illustration of the data.

An abstracted graphic of a landfill allows us to avoid these issues and get the message across loud and clear.

PowerPoint investor presentation dramatize the data


Cite Credible Sources

Notice the example above cites two highly credible sources. In effect, by citing a believable source, you are saying, “don’t take my word for it, here’s what the experts say.” If you are the source, then cite your own company on the slide. That’s better than no source at all. However, in most cases, a skilled researcher, like Presentation Tree, can usually find compelling data from impressive sources.

Be A Visual Storyteller

Imagine if text and talking were banned from your next investor presentation. Could you tell your story with just images? You don’t have to go that extreme, but I’m betting most presenters could stand to strengthen the visuals in their slides. Here’s a sequence we designed for a new venture that had a way to burn coal cleaner. The images tell the story well. They vividly state the problem and set up the solution. The venture secured their funding with this investor presentation, by the way.

Investor Presentation Start-up Pitch Example 1

Investor Presentation Start-up Pitch Example 2

Investor Presentation Start-up Pitch Example 3

For another example of a successful investor presentation designed by Presentation Tree, go here. For some ideas about how to structure an investor presentation, see this earlier blog post: Structuring the Investor Presentation.

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Paul C. Tumey is the founder and director of Presentation Tree.