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by Paul C. Tumey

You’ll find this free PowerPoint template an elegant and versatile tool. It was created by the Seattle PowerPoint designers at Presentation Tree . We believe a good template (or theme) doesn’t need a lot of embedded art elements and flashy add-ons. It does its job best when it creates a “stage” that will accomplish two things:

  1. Showcase the content

  2. Reinforce the branding or visual identity

There are a lot of templates that offer little more than stock photos and busy art with text boxes in them. These are very difficult to read because they are competing with the content. A theme should not take center stage, but instead support the content, like background music in a movie — you often don’t notice it, but it adds to the experience.

Useful Features

This template offers several useful features. There’s a download button at the end of this post, if you want to skip the features.

First, the default shape and line colors have been set to match the green theme. If you draw a box, it will be green, with white text. If you draw a line, it will be green.

art showing the correct default settings for a PowerPoint template

There are five useful layouts in this theme, all easily accessible from the Slide Layout Menu.

Free PowerPoint Template 12

Title Slide Layout

The title slide includes a box with a drop shadow. You can put your own photo into this box. Leave wide margins for a “photograph border” effect.

Free PowerPoint Template 2

Content Layout

The basic content layout is set up so that you can include a headline at the top and insert your content into the main body of the slide. You can also insert your logo at bottom right, if desired. Note the bullet color is set to green.

content layout for Powerpoint template

One extra-special feature of this template is that proper paragraph and  line spacing has been set. To understand this, take a look at what a bullet list in this template would look like with the standard PowerPoint paragraph and line spacing default settings.

example of poor line spacing in powerpoint template

The problem with this is that the space between the lines in a single bullet point is exactly the same as the space between bullets. It’s visually confusing. We want to tighten the line spacing for our bullets and expand the paragraph spacing.

diagram showing poor PowerPoint line and paragraph spacing

In the free PowerPoint theme we’ve created for you, bullet lists will automatically be much more readable and visually organized than the typical PowerPoint slide. Most users don’t know to adjust the settings. We’ve put the settings in the template, so they automatically improve every slide.

proper PowerPoint bullet spacing

You can also resize the text boxes and they will automatically adjust the font sizes. This allows you to insert photos into your slides.

Free PowerPoint Template 7

This theme/template is 100% adjustable. Simply go into the Slide Master and change any element you wish. All the elements are created in PowerPoint, and not art imported in that can’t be edited. Because the elements are all PowerPoint-made, you can change any of them as you wish.

You’ll also see a layout for content with no title. Not every slide has to have headline/title. This layout allows you to escape the tyranny of having to include useless titles in your slides.

There’s also a blank layout, which is always useful to have. If nothing else, a blank layout lets you brainstorm freely as you develop slides and content. You can get away from the standard title-at-the-top and text-under format. It is a blank slate for your creativity.

Divider Slide

Every good PowerPoint theme should include a divider slide layout. In our Elegant Green Template, note the contrast in visual style between the divider slide and the content layouts. The dividers are almost solid green.

Free PowerPoint Template 8

This contrast helps create a visual separation between the sections of your presentation.

You can also adapt this layout for quotes or even important short statements. It’s not a bad idea to put your key takeaway in a slide like this . You can also use this slide layout for a concluding “Thank You,” or “Questions?” type of slide.

The illustration below shows how you might use these various layouts in a presentation. Note how well the divider slides break up the sections.

Free PowerPoint Template

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Paul C. Tumey is the founder and director of Presentation Tree.